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1.1(c); 1.2(c); 1.3(b); 1.4(c); 1.5(b)

2.1(c); 2.2(b); 2.3(c); 2.4(b); 2.5(b)

3.1(b); 3.2(c); 3.3(b); 3.4(a); 3.5(c); 3.6(c)

4.1(b); 4.2(b); 4.3(c); 4.4(b); 4.5(a)

5.1(a); 5.2(b); 5.3(d); 5.4(a); 5.5(b); 5.6(c)

6.1(c); 6.2(b); 6.3(b); 6.4(d); 6.5(c); 6.6(c)

7.1(c); 7.2(a); 7.3(c); 7.4(b); 7.5(c)

8.1(c); 8.2(a); 8.3(c); 8.4(b); 8.5(c); 8.6(b)

9.1(c); 9.2(a); 9.3(c); 9.4(b); 9.5(b); 9.6(d)

10.1(c); 10.2(b); 10.3(d); 10.4(b); 10.5(c)

11.1(c); 11.2(b); 11.3(c); 11.4(d); 11.5(b)

12.1(b); 12.2(d); 12.3(b); 12.4(c); 12.5(a)

13.1(b); 13.2(c); 13.3(c); 13.4(b); 13.5(a); 13.6(c)

14.1(d); 14.2(b); 14.3(d); 14.4(b); 14.5(d); 14.6(b)

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