Components of a Clean Room - part 1

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Cleanroom Doors and Pass-Throughs

Above: Full glass of half glass architectural aluminum doors are available with several hardware options such as: pivot hinges, surface mounted closers, concealed closers, panic hardware, and locksets. Horizontal glazing clips are often beveled in order to minimize difficulty in wiping down corners in order to reduce particle accumulations.
Clean Room Steel Door
Above: Cleanroom Steel Door

Above: Clean Room Electric Sliding Door

Above: Clean Room Roll-up Door

Above: A Clean Room Pass-Through

Other Cleanroom Options and Accessories

Above: Clean Room Grill Openings and Cut-outs: these aid in ventilation or future locations for pass-throughs, windows and doors

Above: Clean room mezzaninies are structures located above the clean-room itself. They support mechanical and some electrical equipment, piping, and ceiling systems and are paramount in cleanrooms; they are especially necessary when an existing facility is unable to offer this criteria. That is, mezzanines allow one to retain the "envelope" structure without tying into the existing building. These free-standing structures may be designed to any configuration and size requirements.

Above: Air Showers -- these are exceptionally important in removing surface lint and dust from garments of employees entering the clean-room. They prevent time-consuming and counterproductive decontamination delays.
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