Koss electrostatic speaker system (advertisement, May 1977)

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The Great Imposter.

If you love beautiful music, but haven't been able to find any speaker system that could reproduce it the way you think it should sound, Koss has a special treat for you.

Because Koss engineers have created a unique 3-way electrostatic and dynamic speaker system that will defy even the expert's vision of electrostatic perfection.

Indeed, if the Koss Model One was perfect, the Koss Model Two is the world's greatest impostor.

But then, imagine a smaller, more compact version of the Koss Model One offering a room full of electrostatic sound unmatched by any other hybrid speaker system.

You'll hear an electrostatic array of bass and mid-range panels that respond precisely to the deep, rich power of a pipe organ and to the brilliant charge of the brass section.

And for delivering the crystal clear notes of a piccolo, Model Two's dynamic tweeter features a vertical and horizontal dispersion through 12kHz to cover an included angle of 120°. But most important of all is the way Koss engineers developed a revolutionary new crossover system that brought the unique Model Two system together.

A system so unique that it successfully combines dynamic element performance with the finely tuned precision of electrostatic panels to produce the smoothest crossover network ever. And that means musical reproduction that's virtually distortion free, with a close-up, transparent sound like no other speaker of its kind. A speaker that's clean and sharp, with bass and mid-range tones that resound with power and highs that are unquestionably brilliant.

So if you want to hear a speaker system that sounds almost as good as the one that came before it, ask your Audio Specialist for a live demonstration of the new Sound of Koss. Or write for a free full color brochure on the Koss Model One and Model Two Speakers, c/o Fred Forbes. After all, when you've kept the electrostatic promise anything else must be an impostor. Even if it's Model Two.

© Koss Corporation … from the people who kept the electrostatic promise KOSS® Model Two Electrostatic speakers

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(Source: Audio magazine, May 1977)

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