ETI Circuit Techniques--volume one -- Article Index and Intro

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  1. How to use op-amps
  2. The 741 cookbook
  3. Using the 3080 transconductance op-amp
  4. Active filter cookbook
  5. 555 timer applications
  6. CMOS - a practical guide
  7. CMOS - the safety precautions
  8. VFETs for everyone
  9. Power MOSFETs - the technology, the techniques
  10. Designing potcore inductors
  11. Schmitt triggers - using the 4093
  12. Voltage regulators - circuits and techniques
  13. Designing with diodes
  14. A little light on LEDs
  15. Zener dlodes - a practical guide
  16. Modern crystal oscillators

The how, what, which, where, why and how much anthology of electronic components, circuits and techniques.

Babani Books


Complete transistor equivalents. Plus 25 000 transistors with alternatives and equivalents. Covers devices from UK, USA, Germany, France, Europe, Hong Kong etc. See also 211 arid BP14.


Data on devices not included in BP1. This book supplements BPI, i.e: no data is duplicated.


Identity those symbols at a glance. A must for beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike. Professionals can always hide it in their desks! A steal at only ... BP27 $2.20

DIODE CHARACTERISTICS, EQUIVALENTS & SUBSTITUTES includes signal, zener, ' edifier diodes etc. Full interchangeability data and characteristics of thousands of diodes of all types with every possible alterative. Includes UK, USA, European, Russian, and Far Eastern devices.211 $4.60

First Book of Transistor Equivalents and Substitutes

Second Book of Transistor Equivalents and Substitutes---Please supply: BP1 E; BP14 E; BP27 E; 2111]

Post & handling: 1 - 4 books: $ 1.35 I enclose $ (inc. p & h.)

Name Address

Postcode C T Vol 1 Send to: ETI ' Book Sales', 4th Floor, 15 Boundary St, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011.

Please allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery.



This series provides an inexpensive intro to modern electronics. Although written for readers with no more than basic arithmetic skills, maths is not avoided -- all the maths is taught as the reader progresses.

The course concentrates on the understanding of concepts central to electronics, rather than continually digressing over the whole field. Once the fundamentals are learned the workings of most other things are soon revealed. The author anticipates where difficulties lie and guides the reader through them.

BOOK 1 ( BP62): All fundamental theory necessary to full understanding of simple electronic circuits and components.

BOOK 2 ( BP63): Alternating current theory.

BOOK 3 ( BP64): Semiconductor technology leading to transistors and ICs.

BOOK 4 ( BP77): Microprocessing systems and circuits.

BOOK 5 ( BP89): Communications.

This series constitutes a complete inexpensive electronics course of in estimable value in hobby or career.

Books 1 / 2/3 $8.25 (each) Books 4/5 $10.80 (each) plus $1.35 postage (postage free if all five ordered at same time). Order from Babani Books, Electronics Today International, 15 Boundary St, Rushcutters Bay NSW



Here assembled in one great volume are more than 25 of ETI's best-ever projects, including: the Series 4000 stereo hi-fi amplifier system; the superb Series 4000 4-way speakers; the potent 300 watt amplifier module; guitar practice amplifier; fuzz/sustain unit; electronic tuning fork; aircraft band converter; analog frequency meter; linear scale capacitance meter; electronic ohmmeter; ultrasonic switch; radio remote control unit; transistor-assisted ignition; theatrical lighting unit; electro-myo-gram; disco strobe ... and many more.

On sale now from selected specialist suppliers and direct from: Electronics Today International, 15 Boundary St, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011.

Price $3.95 plus 65 cents postage and packing.


- and courts and rings and old treasures and uranium and ... YOU CAN DIG IT OUT

… with a little help from some electronic detectors you can build yourself.

"How to Build Gold and Treasure Detectors" is a collection of projects and articles from Electronics Today International magazine describing how to build a variety of metal detectors and the techniques of how to use them.

PROJECTS include: ETI-561 Simple Sensitive Metal Detector, ETI-549 Induction Balance Metal Detector, ET1-1500 Discriminating Metal Detector, ET1-566 Deep-seeking Metal Detector, ET1-213 ' Revealer ‘, ETI-562 Geiger Counter and Earth Resistivity Meter. A ' Shop-around . guide is given telling you where kits and components can be obtained to build up the projects, as well as who sells metal detectors and related equipment.

At all newsagents and selected specialist outlets.

Or by mail order direct from: ETI Magazine, 15 Boundary St, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011. Please add 65 cents for post and handling.


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