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(source: Electronics World, Dec. 1963)

Specifications are important, but present measurement standards do not fully define how equipment sounds. High fidelity equipment has achieved its ultimate goal when it delivers sound so realistic that skilled listeners cannot distinguish the difference between "live" and "recorded" music in a side by side comparison. This test has been performed dozens of times before thousands of people in programs sponsored by Dynaco, Inc. and AR, Inc. with "live" portions performed by the Fine Arts Quartet. In these comparisons, Dynakit's superlative performance was amply demonstrated, since the vast majority of the audiences readily admitted that they could not tell the difference between the electronic reproduction using Dyna Mark III amplifiers and the PAS-2 preamplifier, and the "live" music by the Fine Arts Quartet.

Such perfection in reproduction means that listeners at home can have a degree of fidelity which cannot be improved regardless of how much more money were to be spent on the components used. All Dyna components are of a quality level which permits reproduction indistinguishable from the original. The unique engineering in all Dynakits makes them fully reproducible, so that everyone can hear the full quality of which the inherent design is capable. Dynakits are the easiest of all kits to build-yet they provide the ultimate in sonic realism.

FM-3-- An outstanding stereo FM tuner featuring automatic transition to stereo with the visual Stereocator. The FM-3 is a super-sensitive drift-free tuner with less than 0.5% distortion at all useable signal levels, four IF stages, wide-band balanced bridge discriminator, and time-switching multiplex system. FM-3 kit $109.95; assembled $169.95

SCA-35--Combined stereo preamp and amplifier with low noise, lower distortion, and 17.5 watts continuous power per channel. Distortion less than 1% at full power from 20 to 20,000 cycles. Unique feedback circuitry throughout. SCA-35 kit $99.95; assembled $139.95

PAS-3--The famous "no distortion" PAS-2 stereo preamplifier with a new look. Wide band, lowest noise, with every necessary feature for superb reproduction. Less than 0.1% distortion at any frequency. PAS-3 kit $69.95; assembled $109.95

STEREO 35--A basic power amplifier similar to that used in the SCA-35. Inaudible hum, superior transient response, outstanding overload characteristic, and extremely low distortion at all power levels. Fits behind PAS-3 or FM-3. ST 35 kit $59.95; assembled $79.95

STEREO 70--A superlative power amplifier continuous 35 watts per channel with unconditional stability and near-perfect transient response. Frequency response extends below 10 cps and above 40,000 cycles without loss of stability. ST 70 kit $99.95; assembled $129.95


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