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(source: Electronics World, Dec. 1963)

New Eico Classic 2536 Stereo FM Receiver

Now ... every other stereo receiver seems overpriced. Take a superb stereo tuner, guaranteed stable under all conditions, and sensitive enough to give full stereo separation even on weak, fringe-area signals ...

Add a virtually distortion-free 36-watt stereo amplifier with remarkable overload and transient characteristics ... Mount them on one chassis--effectively separated for the performance benefits of components plus the convenience of a single compact unit.... Price this combination at $209.95 factory-wired, and at $154.95 in a new kit pack that makes building a delightful experience--and what do you have? The Classic x2536 Stereo Receiver, star of the new Eico Classic Series, and a component that matches or surpasses the performance of components selling at substantially higher prices. How? Simple. it's pure performance. Stripped of everything but the finest basic circuitry.

Examine the specifications yourself. Compare them with those of more expensive units. Listen to the 2536--then to higher prized units. Can you see or hear a difference worth paying for?

If you're interested in building a fine stereo receiver, take a long look at our new kit pack, too. Note the logical, orderly arrangement of parts. How easily it sets up for work. How easily it closes down between work sessions-with no loose parts to go astray.

Thumb through the 2-color Construction Manual. Ever see such graphic diagrams? Every step is clear and unmistakable--and no diagram shows more than 20 steps. Another thing the diagrams show you: how simple the wiring is. No tricky frills; no clutter; no confusion, even around switches and controls. Plenty of space to work in. And Eico has eliminated the most tedious part by pre mounting jacks, sockets, terminal boards, and transformers.

Does any other kit give you more building ease, or assurance of success than the Eico Classic? See it at your hi-fi dealer. Optional Walnut Cabinet WE-73, $19.95, Metal Cover E-12, $7.50.

Write for catalog. Eico Electronic Instrument Co., Inc., 131-01 39th Avenue, Flushing, N. Y. 11352. Export: Roburn Agencies Inc., 431 Greenwich Street, New York 13, New York.

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