Infinity Black Widow tonearm (Feb. 1978)

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The Black Widow tonearm.

$200 and it does practically nothing.

The ideal tone arm/cartridge system in theory, would be a cartridge suspended from an infinitely rigid nothing.

Infinity's Black Widow is, in fact, an exceptionally rigid, extremely low-mass, ingeniously engineered next-to-nothing.

We've eliminated the conventional head-shell, resulting in a barely-there-at-all effective mass of three grams.

Of course, low mass in itself is no guarantee of superior performance unless matched with a carefully engineered design, precise construction, and minute attention to details.

These goals have been beautifully achieved in the Black Widow Tone Arm.

In its year and a half of life, it has been widely acknowledged as the State of the Art.

The low mass of this arm permits any high-compliance cartridge to operate at its optimum; reducing mistracking and distortion and improving the accuracy of the stereo image.

Your records will reveal a musicality and cleanliness of sound you never knew was there.

If you want to even hear more, drop us a line. Or call us toll-free at (800) 423-5244. (In California: (800) 382-3372.) Better yet, drop in on any Infinity dealer. You'll find out why the Black Widow Tone Ann is eating all the others alive.


We get you back to what it's all about. Music.

1977 by Infinity Systems. Inc., 7930 Deering Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91304.

(213) 883-4800. TWX (910) 494-4919.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price, optional with dealer.

(Source: Audio magazine, Feb. 1978, )

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