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High Fidelity (USA print magazine) was published from April 1951 until July 1989 covering audio and high fidelity audio equipment, FM radio, FM stereo, video equipment, audio recordings, and related fields. In mid-1989, the title was acquired by Stereo Review, which began adding "Incorporating High Fidelity" on the cover of the October, 1989, issue. High Fidelity was founded by Milton B. Sleeper, a noted radio designer and publisher and began with a technical emphasis which soon broadened in to all aspects of consumer audio and recordings.

Selected Feature Articles:

(July 1975)

Tone Arm Damping--James Brinton--This overlooked feature can offer better sound for a small investment

(April 1977)

How to Judge Record-Playing Equipment (by Edward J. Foster)

(Oct. 1977)

In the Loudspeaker Testing Lab (by Emil Torick)

Computer Technology Transforms Speaker Design

The Great Phase-Coherency Bandwagon

HIGH FIDELITY's 100 Years of Recording--Part IV: The Microgroove Era


(Nov. 1977)

Interpreting FM Tuner Specs

New Hope for TV sound

Nathan Stubblefield

Nathan Milstein--Brahmin with Violin

(Jan 1983)

HF's Music Critics Take On the Compact Disc (by Allan Kozinn)


(July 1975)

Behind the Scenes

Letters--More Russian opera; Bravo Louisville; Brandenburg travesty

Too Hot to Handle

(Oct. 1975)


Culshaw at Large

The Lees Side

News and Views

Equipment in the News

Too Hot to Handle

Behind the Scenes

High Fidelity Pathfinders--The Men Who Made an Industry

(Jan 1983)

About This Issue



Sound Views

Basically Speaking

Equipment (Reviews and Reports):

(July 1975)

Sansui Model QRX-7001 four-channel receiver

Sony Model TAN-8550 power amplifier

RTR EXP-12 speaker system

Stanton 681EEE phono cartridge

Telephonics Model TEL-101F quadriphonic headphone

(April 1977)

Specs Plus in Pioneer Spec-2 power amplifier

Empire 698 turntable

Hitachi SR-903 receiver

Aiwa Model AD-1250 stereo cassette deck

Crosswinds outboard subsonic filter

Audio-Technica AT-605 Audio Insulators

(Oct. 1977)

Technics SB-6000A floor-standing speaker system

KLH Model 35 speaker

Visonik D-50 loudspeaker system

EPI Model 200 loudspeaker system

ESS Tempest LS-5 loudspeaker system

(Nov. 1977)

Sony STR-5800SD stereo FM/AM receiver

Pioneer PL-570 turntable

Philips AH-572 stereo preamplifier

Stanton Model 881S phono cartridge

Onkyo A-7 Integrated Amp

(Jan 1983)

Carver TX-11 FM tuner

Teac V-95RX bidirectional cassette deck

Technics SU-V9 Integrated amplifier

Sherwood S-6020CP preamplifier

Design Acoustics PS-10 loudspeaker

Dynavector DV-23R moving-coil phono cartridge

Boston Acoustics MC-1vdH moving-coil phono cartridge

Vector Research VRX-9500 AM FM receiver

Polk SDA-1 Stereo Dimensional Array speaker

Music and Recordings:

(July 1975)

Soundtrack Albums: Why?--Royal S. Brown--The worth of film music appears when it is parted from its movie

Karajan: Encounters the Second Vienna School--David Hamilton--DG offers a four-disc set

A Tchaikovsky Deluge--Philip Hart--Quantity is more noteworthy than quality in a flood of releases

Ravel: The Real Thing Royal--S. Brown--Skrowaczewski and Vox produce a fine set of his orchestral works

Classical--Blegen and Von Stade; Perahia's Mendelssohn Concerto; Baroque bassoon

(April 1977)

Classical Records--Marriner's Messiah, Davis' Dvorak, etc.

(Oct 1977)

The New Releases--A Window on Lully's Operatic World

The New Releases-- Heinz Holliger: Now That's Charisma

Denon/Reference/Gale Recordings: Art Weds Technology

Classical recordings

(Jan 1983)

Glenn Gould (1932-1982)

Messiah: Reduplication Without Redundancy

CLASSICAL--Behind the Scenes Music news and commentary

Rifkin's Bach: A Mass of Evidence



(July 1975)

Bang & Olufsen

Dual manual turntables


(April 1977)

ADC-- Accutrac turntable

Empire 698 Turntable

Garrard DD75 Turntable

JVC turntables

Ortofon moving-coil phono-cartridge system

Realistic STA-2000 and 5000 receivers

Sony SSU series speakers

Technics Linear Phase speakers

(Oct. 1977)

Pioneer PL 570 turntable

Time & Life -- Great Men of Music series

Sony 7800 Receiver

Empire phono cartridge

BASF tape

Fisher ST660 speaker

The New York Philharmonic Guide to the Symphony (book)


Sony Elcaset System

Kenwood LS-408A speaker

(Nov. 1977)

Dual turntables

Fisher MT6225 turntable

Lenco Turntables

Ortofon VMS Magnetic Cartridges

Philips High Fidelity Laboratories, Ltd.

Sony turntables

Technics by Panasonic -- SL series turntables

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