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Sansui. The turntables that turn the tables on all the others.

Sansui now offers a complete line of turntables for every taste and pocketbook. Sansui is now one of the leaders it the manufacture of high quality turntables. Sansui has it all. From belt to direct drive, from stereo to 4-channel capability, from 4-pole synchronous to 20-pole servo-controlled brushless motors. All in all Sansui, with these new turntables, lives up to its reputation as creative innovators in sound reproduction technology And Sansui's new tonearm design and unique drive systems clearly represent a major advancement in high quality turntables.

Here is the line-up:

Sansui SR-212 at under $130.00

Auto-return, two speed, belt drive by 4-pole synchronous motor. Statically balanced S-shaped tonearm, skating force canceller. Low capacitance cables.

Sansui SR-313 at under $170.00

Two speed, belt drive by 4-pole outer-rotor synchronous motor. S-shaped tonearm, advanced suspension, lateral balance, skating force canceller. Heavy aluminum alloy diecast platter. Low capacitance cables. Wow and flutter less than 0.06%. Direct-reading stylus pressure scale.

Sansui SR-525 at under $280.00

Direct drive, 20-pole DC brushless servo-motor. S-shaped tonearm, special Sansui resonance absorber, knife-edge support system. Low capacitance cables. S/N: better than 64 dB. Pitch controls. Illuminated stroboscope. Heavy aluminum die-cast platter.

Sansui SR-717 at under $350.00

Direct drive, 20-pole DC brushless servo-motor. Wow and flutter less than 0.03%. Statically balanced S-shaped lone arm, one point/knife-edge support. S/N better than 66 dB. Pitch controls. Illuminated stroboscope. Direct read-out stylus pressure dial.

Sansui FR-3080 at under $200.00

Full automatic, two speed belt drive. S-shaped tonearm with Sansui's Dual-Magnet cartridge, Shibata stylus, skating force canceller. For any 4-channel a 2-channel record.

1. Simulated walnut gain base

2. Base of simulated Andes rosewood

3. Metallic finish

Stop in soon at your nearest Sansui franchised dealer to hear any of the fine Sansui turntables, designed so beautifully they make heads turn.

( Audio magazine, Mar. 1976 )

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