Marantz speaker system (ad, Apr. 1973)

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A Marantz speaker system breaks up that old gang of yours.

Separation of sound is a true test of a speaker system.. And to put Marantz--or any speaker--to the test you should listen to something you are already familiar with so you'll be able to hear for yourself that it's the speaker and not the recording that makes the difference. Oh, what a difference Marantz makes! What you thought were two oboes are now clearly an oboe and a flute and that barbershop quartet...well, they're really a quintet.

Let's face it: ALL speakers claim to be the very A-1 HOT SHOT MOSTEST BEST. But the proof is in the listening.

And that's where Marantz speakers come in. Each model is engineered to handle a plethora of continuous RMS power and employs a long excursion woofer and a tweeter with fantastic off-axis response. And Marantz offers you a wide selection of sizes. Each model for the money is truly the very A-1 HOT SHOT MOSTEST BEST. However, keep this in mind.

Marantz speaker systems are built by the makers of the most respected stereo and 4-channel equipment in the world. The same quality that goes into Marantz receivers and amplifiers goes into the entire line of Marantz speaker systems.

To find out how much better they sound, listen. That's all we ask. Listen.

(Audio magazine, Apr. 1973)

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