Tandberg open-reel tape decks (Apr. 1973)

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Tandberg tops Tandberg three ways

With the new 9000X 3-motor tape deck, the new 3300X medium-price deck.

And the new TCD-300 stereo cassette deck.

At Tandberg we aim for just one level of quality ... the highest. Now we've topped ourselves.

With three new tape machines unmatched in sound and specifications.

Our new top-of-the-line is the three motor 9000X with the most sophisticated logic control system in tape recorder history. 15 integrated circuits do the work of almost 700 transistors to assure flawless, fingertip operation and proper sequential functions. True one hand tape threading.

And a rugged new remote controllable transport, with servo brakes, tape tension arms for maximum stability and gentle tape handling.

We have even improved our unexcelled Crossfield recording technique, that provides startlingly true full frequency response and noise free recording at 3 3/4 ips. In fact, the 9000X is limited only by the quality of tape you record with. Linear motion input/output potentiometers, sound on sound, echo, mono mixing, monitoring, front panel 8 ohm headphone output.

The 9000X is a professional quality machine for home use. Just $649.50

Tandberg's brilliant new 3300X will set a new standard of excellence in the medium price field. A slightly less sophisticated version of the 9000X, it features a rugged new transport, with improved Tandberg Crossfield recording. Its record/playback response and signal/noise ratio are better at 3 3/4 ips than most other recorders at twice the price and at twice the speed. The 3300X features easy to use illuminated peak reading meters to eliminate guesswork, slide potentiometers, echo, sound on sound, mixing, front panel headphone jack and monitoring facilities with photoelectric end-stop. All for just $399.80.

And now-the world's first three motor, dual capstan, ferrite head, dolbyized cassette recording deck-The Tandberg TCD-300. That's right-three motors. One precise hysteresis synchronous drive motor for constant tape speed.

Two D.C. reel motors which let you wind or rewind a C-60 in 40 seconds. Dual capstans to provide maximum stability and minimum wow and flutter-even with poor cassette tapes. Hard pressed ferrite head so tough it can be guaranteed against wear for the life of the machine. Dolby, CrO2 tape switches to optimize performance and produce an incredible 63 dB s/n ratio. Real head room to minimize distortion.

Dual Peak Reading meters, electronic push button control, servo-controlled wind, rewind and auto-stop, built in microphone preamplifiers, and a recording/playback quality equal to many reel-to-reel recorders.

At last a true music fidelity cassette recorder. Sound exciting? You bet, and only $399.90. So there you have them-a Tandberg trio of newsmakers. And they're made the only way we know how ... better.


We're our only competitor.


A. Allen Pringle Ltd., Ontario, Canada


(Audio magazine, Apr. 1973)

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