AR (Acoustic Research) AR-7 loudspeaker (ad, May. 1974)

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Accurate sound was just not possible in a speaker this small ... until the AR-7.

The AR-7, introduced a year ago, has established itself as the standard of performance for speakers of small size. This was made possible by 20 years of AR technological advancements beginning with the first acoustic air suspension speaker system that makes true high fidelity bookshelf-size speakers a reality.

The woofer was designed with total regard, not to cost, but to obtaining the maximum range of bass response and accuracy attainable in a small cabinet. The tweeter was designed to complement the woofer, producing unusually smooth wide dispersion sound. Both drivers use high temperature voice coils, manufactured at the AR factory, to permit higher power handling capability. AR-7 is the ideal speaker for 4-channel installations--as well as for any stereo music system where accuracy of sound and economy of size is required.

"We would judge the effective lower limit of the AR-7 to be about 40 to 45 Hz--which is a very respectable figure for a speaker system of its sizeā€¦

...The tone-burst response was on a par with that of the other AR speakers we have tested--about as close to ideal as can be measured in a "live" environment ... it compares with many speakers selling for twice its price or even more--which clearly makes it one of the more outstanding under-$100 speaker systems, irrespective of size."


"We predict that the AR-7 will become the standard for other speakers in the under-$100 class and supplanting some speakers of even greater cost!"


"The AR-7 is quite flat in frequency response and most notably free of excessive peaks or dips ... a smooth musical balance that is not significantly bettered by any speaker at any price, only slight rolloff evident well above 15 kHz, but there appears to be strong response far beyond 20 kHz. The woofer solidly strong to about 50 Hz ... with strong usable response just extending to 40 Hz. In short, the AR-7 is a remarkable speaker, and an even more remarkable value."



(Audio magazine, May. 1974)

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