BIC VENTURI Speakers (Sept. 1974)

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We give you the softest soft to the loudest loud. Choose any model .You won't get 'clipped’.

Today's best recordings can reproduce music's full dynamic range, from the softest soft to the loudest loud. Most of today's popular low and moderate efficiency speaker systems can't. But BIC VENTURI speakers do.

A speaker's dynamic range depends mainly on its efficiency and power handling capacity.

Low-efficiency speakers can't get started without a good deal of input power. And, they tend to get stifled when driven beyond their capability.

BIC VENTURI speakers are efficient! They need as little as one fifth the amplifier power of most air suspension systems for the same sound output. So, you can listen louder without pushing your amplifier to the point where it starts clipping the tops and bottoms of musical peaks.

Today's popular, low-efficiency speakers require about a 50-watt per channel amplifier to deliver lifelike sound levels. Even our Formula 2 will deliver that same sound level with only 25 watts of amplifier power; the Formula 4 with 20 watts and our Formula 6 with only 9 watts! With BIC VENTURI, your amplifier can loaf along with plenty of reserve "headroom" to reproduce musical peaks cleanly, effortlessly. It's as if your present amplifier suddenly became two to five times as powerful. BIC VENTURI can handle lots of power, too. A typical, low-efficiency system is rated for a maximum safe power input of about 50 watts. Feed it more power and you're likely to push it into distortion, or even self-destruction!

With a BIC VENTURI you can turn up the power, without distortion or speaker damage.

Even our compact Formula 2 can safely handle 75 watts per channel. With that much power feeding it, it will deliver 210% more sound output than a low-efficiency system will at its power limit. Drive our super efficient Formula 6 at its maximum, and it will deliver nearly 1300% more sound power! That's the loud half of the story.

With soft music (or when you turn down the volume) you want to hear it soft.

With most speakers, turn down the volume slowly and you reach a point where the sound suddenly fades out because the speakers aren't linear anymore.

But BIC VENTURI's are. The sound smoothly softer, without any sudden fadeout, retaining all the subtle nuances that add to the character of the music.

But, even though BIC VENTURI speakers remain linear, there is a point where your ears do not. At lower sound levels, your ears lose their bass and treble sensitivity. So, our DYNAMIC TONAL BALANCE COMPENSATION circuit (pat. pending) takes over. As the volume goes down it adjusts frequency response, automatically to compensate for the ear's deficiencies. The result: aurally "flat" response, always!

Our Formula 2 is the most efficient of its size. The Formula 4 offers even greater efficiency and power handling. And the most efficient is the Formula 6. Hear them at your dealer.

BRITISH INDUSTRIES COMPANY (BIC), Westbury, N.Y. 11590. Div. of Avnet, Inc.

Canada: C.W. Pointon, Ltd., Ont.


(Source: Audio magazine, Sept. 1974)

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