Yamaha A-1 Amplification System (ad, Nov. 1978)

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At the very edge of audio technology is exactly where the new Yamaha A-1 Amplification System stands.

Our engineers got there by cutting out excess circuitry and components through innovative configurations that reduced the very number and possibilities for noise and distortion to occur. It's as close as you can get to the proverbial straight wire with gain.

For a key example, note the computer-grade DISC switch on the right front panel.

Engage it and you virtually direct-couple the phono cartridge to the output power amp.

When disengaged, the tone control circuit is inserted between the DC phono equalizer and the DC amplifier.

Sleekly positioned behind the bottom front panel, these precision tone controls can be used to enhance any signal source.

There's even a built-in MC Head Amp so you can enjoy the transparent highs and extended frequency response of a moving coil phono cartridge.

In short, precision sound has never been achieved so cleanly and simply in look and function. So go for the cutting edge. Listen to the new A-1 Amplification System and its companion, the new T-1 Tuner, at your Audio Specialty Dealer.

For his name, check the Yellow Pages, or write Yamaha.

Audio Division. P.O. Box 6600. Buena Park, CA 90622

(Source: Audio magazine, Nov. 1978)

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