Industrial Static Control: An Overview

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Static-control products are used to control electrostatic discharge in electronics industry and other manufacturing applications. Static electricity is a major cause of damage to microelectronic components, computers, and industrial equipment. Static electricity may also create a shock hazard to persons. When two different objects come into contact with each other and then separate, a build-up of static electricity can result. People generate static electricity through routine movements such as walking across a carpet. A machine operator or technician can then transfer that charge to a sensitive electronic part or device, causing damage. Static-control products such as static-control equipment, static control systems, coatings, static-control mats, static-control bars, and static controllers are used in a broad range of industrial applications.

Electronics firms use many diverse types of static-control products. Some firms use personal-grounding devices such as wrist straps or cods, gloves, and anti-static straps for grounding shoes. Others use static-electricity control equipment or complete static-control systems. Examples of static control products include static control mats, static control bars, and static controllers such as aprons and coats or chair covers. Anti-static mats are usually made of vinyl or rubber and are used on floors, tabletops and countertops. A static-control mat can be either conductive or dissipative, depending on the application. A static-control bar or ionizer bar may be used to defuse existing static electricity by creating both positively- and negatively-charged ions. Static-control bars are useful in web- or sheet-manufacturing applications. A static controller or static-control system may also be used in electronics manufacturing.

Examples of static-control products:

  • Plastic films or wraps for electronic components to shield and protect them during shipping, handling, and storage (used for sensitive equipment such as laboratory devices or computers)
  • Specially-designed shipping containers, storage bags, packing foam, and special hand lotions

Static control bag
above: A static control bag for sensitive electronic components.

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