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(source: Electronics World, Nov. 1971)

A superb condenser microphone for just $39.75.

What's the trick? = Brilliant engineering...

Condenser microphones have long been known for their sound...and their cost, and their complexity. Now Electro-Voice introduces a series of genuine condenser microphones that provide sound embarrassingly close to the most expensive studio models, without the high cost and complexity.

A big problem with conventional condenser microphones has been the need for a high voltage power supply to polarize the diaphragm. E-V has eliminated it completely with its new electret condensers. We've found a way to permanently trap this voltage right on the surface of the diaphragm, thus doing away with the need for bulky, expensive power supplies.

How do the new Electro-Voice electrets sound? Response is clean, flat, and transparent, with very high cut put for full recording volume. It's just what you would expect from condenser microphones costing much more, and by far the best sound-per-dollar you've ever heard.

A simple FET circuit inside each E-V electret microphone matches both professional and home tape recorder inputs with equal quality. This low noise, high-output circuit operates from a single "AA" penlite battery for as long as 1200 hours of use.

Choose either omnidirectional or Single-D cardioid types. The chart shows the prices, and some of the reasons for the difference in cost.

Whichever model you choose will give you excellent transient response, high sensitivity, and uniform polar response.

Our "second-generation" electret design offers vastly improved protection against extremes of humidity and temperature. And the ruggedness of E-V electret condensers is rivaled only by E-V dynamic models. All-in-all, new E-V condensers are a significant improvement over less sophisticated condenser microphones (electret or otherwise). If your goal is to record natural sound, or natural music try an E-V electret.

Or in the PA field where condensers have never been sufficiently reliable try an E-V electret. But don't tell your listeners how much you paid for your new microphones. They'll never believe you!

ELECTROVOICE, INC., Dept. 1112N 629 Cecil Street, Buchanan, Michigan

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