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Where else can you get in one compact cool operating long life package:

A technological, cutting edge, FM and AM Digital Tuner.

Three separate tone shaping controls provide musical spectra tone shaping. Each control adjusts selected frequency bands to satisfy your personal preference or the demands of the program material.

Separate listen and record facilities, introduced and perfect by McIntosh permit tape recording one program while listening to a second program. Separate input Selectors electrically isolated from each other, provide non operation in both listen and record, You can record on 2 tape recorders from any Source and you can easily copy from one tape recorder to another Full power McIntosh amplifier will deliver its maximum power output to one or two pairs of loudspeakers The quality of the Sound reproduction and the quality of your speakers are protected by the patented McIntosh Power Guard circuit.

The patented Sentry Monitoring circuit constantly monitors the output signal.

At signal levels up to rated output, this circuit has no effect, if the power output exceeds design maximum, or in the event of a short circuit or severe mismatch, (the Sentry Monitoring circuit protection the output transistors from failure. A complete remote control system that allows total control from two areas. The McIntosh Remote Control provide unusual versatility with operating simplicity It provides remote control in the main listening area and can be expanded to provide control from an additional area.

All in all, your selection of the McIntosh MAC 4280 FM/AM Receiver will be reinforced by your day use of this superb instrument.

Source: Stereo Review (Jan. 1991)

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