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Our competition would love to rip us apart.

Remove the heavy duty transformers. Eliminate the independent power supplies. Disconnect proprietary signal enhancing circuitries. Replace metal panels, chassis, and trays with plastic.

These are a few of the things our competition would love to do to our components.

Because it’s the only way they could make them as good as their components.

At Onkyo, we believe technology without quality is meaningless. Our new AV Receiver line, for example, offers the most advanced multi-room, multi-source control. Yet at the heart are transformers and heat sinks substantially larger than those found in other brands. After all, if the sound is anemic, who cares how many rooms you can hear it in.

These new AV Receivers also feature Dolby Pro Logic, driven by 5 discrete power amplifiers. So the critical center channel doesn’t get short changed. And your viewing and listening enjoyment short circuited.

Onkyo components sound better because they’re built better. It’s a difference you can hear—and see.

Source: Stereo Review (Jan. 1991)

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