Adcom Crosscoil (advertisement, Feb. 1980)

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There are any number of cartridges available today that perform exceedingly well on paper.

On the other hand, the Adcom Crosscoil moving coil cartridge was designed to demonstrate its superiority in the only place it really counts, the record groove.

A superiority that becomes immediately apparent the first time you lower the Adcom Crosscoil onto a record and experience its uncanny ability to reproduce every nuance of the original performance with a clarity and subtlety of detail other designs don't begin to approach.

In fact, in a widely publicized challenge to other cartridge manufacturers* the Adcom Crosscoil out measured and outperformed the entire field, more than 50 of the world's most highly acclaimed designs.

An impressive achievement? Just ask the also-rans.

No less impressive, however, is the innovative thinking and engineering that went into creating the Adcom Crosscoil. For it was decided that the Crosscoil would be the first cartridge to fully translate the theoretical advantages of the moving coil design into real world performance.

The cartridge takes its name from the unique "X" shaped armature upon which its generating coils are wound. The "X" shape permits many more turns of wire to be wound on each of the cross pieces as compared to conventional moving coil designs. In this way, output is increased significantly, while the overall weight of the cartridge is reduced.

In practice, the Adcom Crosscoil generates enough output to drive a standard phono input without the need of an expensive transformer or pre-preamp. Thus, aside from the obvious cost savings, the Crosscoil eliminates a major source of noise and distortion.

Not only does the Adcom Crosscoil provide more output, but its moving mass is extremely low permitting its use in a whole new generation of low mass, high performance tone arms.

Additionally, a newly developed "controlled compliance" cantilever assembly with an optimized stiffness to mass ratio insures that the cartridge/tone arm resonance will fall exactly where it should, above record warp and below audibility.

Finally, the Adcom Crosscoil's specially contoured LineTrace diamond stylus which is grain oriented and nude mounted, provides greater contact area between stylus and record groove minimizing record wear and extending bandwidth to beyond 60k Hz while reducing all forms of distortion to insignificant levels.

If you've read this far, it should be apparent that the Adcom Crosscoil is a signal advance in moving coil technology.

Is it the world's best cartridge? We think so. But we want you to make that happy discovery for yourself.

For additional information and an ear opening demonstration, write us for the name of your nearest Adcom Crosscoil dealer.

A public demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, June 1979


ADCOM, 9 Jules Lane, New Brunswick, N.J. 08901, USA

Adcom 1979

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