Superex dynamic headphones (Oct. 1977)

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You'll think it's the best electrostatic you ever heard.

But it's dynamic! The SM-700 Studio Master We designed the Studio Master to compete head-on with electrostatic headphones. And many who've auditioned it say we've succeeded.

An entirely new driver is fine-tuned with a special duct in the magnet-assembly and a critically-sized bypass vent between the voice coil and the diaphragm. A newly-developed cushion seals the ear closely, to form a finite acoustic chamber with the transducer.

The results are astonishing! Frequency response is 10 Hz to 20 kHz at ±3 dB, Distortion is 0.25 percent. And the dynamic range and transient response are extraordinary. All without the inconveniences of the electrostatic types.

Listen to the SM-700 Studio Master for yourself and see if you don't agree it's the best "electrostatic" you ever heard.

Just remember-it's dynamic! And its price, only $65.


151 Ludlow St., Yonkers, N.Y. 10705

(Source: Audio magazine, Oct. 1977 )

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