Technics Linear Phase SB-series loudspeakers (ad, Oct. 1977)

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Technics wants you to see what other speakers don’t let you hear.

Look at the waveforms below. Technics has achieved phase linearity as well as wide frequency response. And that means we've achieved state of the art in high fidelity: virtually a mirror image of music as it was originally played. We call it waveform fidelity.

above: Live Piano Waveform; Piano Waveform

Julian Hirsch, in June Popular Electronics, calls the Technics Linear Phase SB-6000A " of the better sounding speaker systems we have heard in a long time:' How did we do it? First by conducting exhaustive amplitude/ phase studies in acoustically perfect chambers before designing and manufacturing each of the wide frequency/low distortion drivers.

Then by developing a unique new phase-controlled crossover network reproduced by SB-7000A. that compensates for the time delays caused by the wide range of frequencies in all music. While simultaneously compensating for the different acoustics of the woofer, midrange and tweeter. And finally by aligning each driver unit in the optimum' acoustic position for precise linearity.

It's a lot of complicated engineering, but it all adds up to something very simple. Music as it was originally played. Nothing more, nothing less.

And that's a lot.

Listen to Technics Linear Phase SB-7000A, SB-6000A and SB-5000A. They're now available for demonstration at selected audio dealers for very selective ears.

(Source: Audio magazine, Oct. 1977)

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