ADC cartridges (advertisement, Mar. 1975)

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The Un-common Cartridges from ADC

The patented low-mass design assures lower distortion and greater tracing accuracy.

The cartridge is the least expensive but one of the most critical components in a hi-fi system. Its stylus is the only contact with the complicated modulation of the record groove. To extract every note without distortion, especially at the high frequencies of the audible spectrum, is the problem.

Lower mass = higher accuracy.

Since the magnet itself in a moving magnet cartridge contributes significantly to its mass, ADC created and patented an "induced magnet" cartridge that reduces the mass in the moving system. This allows the stylus to track with a lower force resulting in superior tracing accuracy and low distortion.

You can actually hear the difference.

Ask your hi-fi dealer to demonstrate the comparison between an ADC cartridge and any other brand. There is an audible difference that can easily be distinguished.

A modestly priced ADC cartridge may be all you need to upgrade the sound of your entire hi-fi system-and there's a model compatible with every brand of manual turntable or record changer.


Super XLM-MK-II CD-4 with Shibata type stylus


Send for a free detailed brochure of the complete line of ADC cartridges.


A BSR Company New Milford, Conn.

(Source: Audio magazine, Mar. 1975 )

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