Adcom GFT-2 AM/FM tuner (ad, Jun. 1983)

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Don't buy this tuner (Until you've heard others at twice the price.)

Sonic performance is the best reason for selecting any audio component. And when it comes to tuners, performance is relatively easy to evaluate.

A tuner either brings stations in clearly, or it doesn't. Especially the weak and distant stations that on some tuners come in noisily or not at all.

The music, of course, must sound dean and accurate. And two (or more) tuners should be auditioned under identical conditions.

Then you want to compare features: such as the tuning system, programming flexibility, signal displays and signal-enhancement controls.

Now, it's time to consider price. Our new GFT-2 is less than $250. But we suggest you ask your dealer to compare it with other tuners priced up to $500 or more.

When you've done all that, you'll no longer need our advice. You'll know exactly which tuner to buy.

The new Adcom GFT-2 has:

Quartz-referenced digitally-synthesized tuning (accuracy: 0.000025%)

Dual-gate MOSFET RF amplifier

Double-tuned quadrature detector

Storage for seven AM and seven FM stations

5-stage LED signal-quality display

Manual and automatic scan.

For further information or the location of the ADCOM dealer nearest you, please write to:

ADCOM-- 11 Elkins Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

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